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As support to the collaborative environment of this seminar the following will be maintained and sustained for reference throughout the session and established for future exchange with colleagues:
1) Personal (bio)media blog will be maintained as an assignment research and resources site.Media blogs will be used for reporting and documentation of course projects and activities. Minimum of 1 entry per week is required. site.

We will be producing work throughout the quarter as ongoing support projects and as manifestations of exploratory biomedia as 3 major projects. producing work throughout the quarter as manifestations of biomedia as 1 minor projects and 2 major projects.

Ongoing support projects #1, 2 & 3 will focus on transcoding biological observations to interpretive outputs. These support projects will be assigned on a per topic basis as documentation of assigned biowalks sync’d to the following observations:
1) bioacoustics: hearing/listening/recitation
2) biomaterials: patterns/tactility
3) biosensoria/biomemory
Transcoding & interpretation of observations is open and must be recorded in your media blog. Scheduling of these assignments will be dispersed throughout the quarter.

These project will build foundations for the 3 major projects for the quarter:

1) Major project #1 (RE)designing Organisms will be a speculative re-design/hybridization of “extremophile” animals/organisms.
2) Major project #2 MyProsthesis will be a 2-person group project & result in a prototypical work demonstrating prosthetic design & function.
3) Major project #3 OpenOcean will be a 4-person group project prototyping the transcoding of a chosen segment of the open ocean datasphere

Assigned readings
Reading assignments will be made via online sources linked from the schedule page of this site. Linked articles on the schedule page coorespond with discussion date.

Reference texts
The following texts are suggested sources for expanded reference, discussion and consultation for research and further study.

General paradigms 
“Simulation and Simulacra”, Jean Baudrillard, 1994, Univ. of Michigan Press
“A Thousand Plateaus- Capitalism and Schizophrenia", Delueze & Guattari, 1987, Univ. of Minnesota Press
”Global Brain”, Howard Bloom, 2000, WIley & Sons

Biomedia specifics
“Biomedia”, Eugene Thacker, 2004, Univ of Minnesota Press
“Metacreation Art & Artificial Life” ,Mitchell Whitelaw, 2003, MIT Press
“Computational Beauty of Nature”, Gary William Flake, 1999, MIT Press
“Creative Evolutionary Systems” , Peter Bentley & David Corne, 2002, Academic Press
“Flesh Machine”, Critical Art Ensemble, 1998, Autonomedia
“The Molecular Invasion”, Critical Art Ensemble, 2002, Autonomedia

Junkware, Thierry Bardini, University of Minnesota Press, 2011
Insect Media: An Archaeology of Animals and Technology, Jussi Parikka, 2010, Univ. of Minnesota Press