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:: support materials ::
As support to the collaborative environment of this seminar the following will be maintained, sustained and evolved for reference throughout the session, establishment for future exchange with colleagues and for professional dissemination:

1) Personal webspace with an external ISP and with a branded domain name for the development as a personal portfolio and resources site. This is part of the requirements for collaborative sharing of resources from this critique and professional development with EDP and external opportunities.

Ongoing research media blog which will serve as your online journal and media sketch book and upload area for documented reactions to works thru the quarter.

3) A professional opportunities/project calendar,
log and plan will be developed, maintained and referenced through the course of the quarter. Documentation of this plan will be submitted at mid-term and as final materials. This opportunities plan should include scheduled milestones and development plan for your project, a log of professional opportunities related to EDP career development (artists/designers/developers), venue profiles/contacts and dates for current and future submission of your work (completion date plus 1 year) and required materials for submission.  

:: creative | scholarly output ::
Each participant will continue to explore, present and discuss their individual an/or collaborative line of creative | scholarly inquiry and address the sustainablity concerns of their praxis. This creative inquiry/praxis will be presented individually for critique/critical dialogue and as roundtable discussions for resource sharing and networking. Staging of these activities thru the quarter will include:

1) A mediation of the interactions/mindshare of your creative praxis
will be conducted as a grounding to your integrated modes of inquiry regarding the materialization of creative work and the propagation of your mindshare. This work will bring forward philosophy of your creative praxis, your influences/points of departure as creative works, historical events and/or practicing individuals, language propagation/bending, critical dialogue, exploratory platform, mindmap/architecture, and/or potential outcomes/audience/venues. The output of this work can be thought of as a media-based/visualization &.or sonification of your creative philosophy. Work should be data driven, dynamic, time-based and/or interactive as a baseline.

2) 2 exploratory works will be produced and presented during the quarter that broadens the praxis (influences, technique, language, realization) of each member of the cohort. The emphasis here is on risk taking/ experimentation and arrival on fresh ground. At least one of these works will be produced with creative tools you have never touched before. At least one of these works will be focused on content/concept you have not dealt with before

3) 2 major works
will be produced thru the quarter and be presented as a focus of creative research that underwrites the topics and philosophy of your praxis that is cumulative for critique. This final work will be of a professional and conclusive nature for submission to venues for exhibition or publication as identified on your professional opportunities calendar. The final deliverables for the quarter will be compiled and distributed as a link to a downloadable .zip file archive and documented online for portfolio publication.

4) Creative collateral. A prospectus focusing on creative work, funding and/or residency opportunities will be produced. This prospectus should follow appropriate crowdfunding or residency guidelines for submission. Application materials for a residency or funding opportunity will be officially submitted to a rpofesional oppotunity.

:: networking of resources and referenced media ::
assigned readings/viewings/listenings
Required reading/viewing/listening assignments will be made available via online/downloadable sources and available electronic files from the eMAD MUSE server. Please refer to the schedule page from the class website for media assignments for critique discussion. Linked articles/references on the schedule page correspond with discussion date.

materials from cohort
Each member of the critique will provide reference to supporting materials to their individual presentations 1 week before their scheduled presentation time via individual research blogs. Blogs will be linked from the schedule page of the course website.