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Support materials  (25% of grade)
As support to individual projects the following will be maintained and sustained for reference throughout the session and referred to in 1 on 1 sessions with the instructor::

1> Research blogs will be maintained and sustained by each course participant and should compile all rough project writings, storyboards, essays, architectures and related materials to the research in progress and finished works. The blog sites will be viewed, and class responses will be ongoing throughout the quarter.

2> Research content management system via group-accessible web host will be explored, experimented with, developed, established and maintained for compilation of research, proposal and reference materials and as a online publishing system for individual works.

Focused essays (1500 word minimum plus accompanying media and references) will be assigned through the quarter as a contextual examination and analysis of your research focus. An essay abstract will be posted on your research blog and full versions (w/ .pdf copy) will be posted on your Research CMS.  

Presentations of work
Each member of the cohort will conduct 3 major presentations of work through the quarter.

The mixed cohort of this class will take two approaches to the outcome of the research.

1) EDP M.A. students will produce the proposal base of  their capstone thesis/project as fulfillment for the degree. This proposal will be presented  to the EDP Graduate Committee for approval for advancement to undertake thesis/project capstone project.

2) EDP MFAs will produce a major proposal for their MFA research, exhibition, funding or residency that will be submitted to an outside institution for jurying.

Project breakdown is as follows:
Presentation 1, Maps and timelines (10% of grade). You will produce a presentation of versions of maps and timelines specific to your course of research. The objective here is to experiment with forms of idea/mindmapping that can assist in the visualization of your research approach, processes and time for the research process undertaking.

Presentation 2, Research abstract/influences and maps of principle works (25% of grade). This presentation will take the cohort through the prior art, influences as a preliminary dialogue on proposal of your course of advanced research as support to your thesis/proposal statement, and research project background. Thesis/proposal statement, background/influences and principle/contibuting works will be reviewed in this presentation.  

Final Presentation, Literature review, project proposal of project and materials and methods of study - (40% of grade).
This final presentation will be the culmination of your research for the quarter. It will review the thesis statement, prior art, materials and methods and potential outcome of your proposed project. This final presentation will be reviewed by the EDP Graduate Committee for sanctioning of you thesis reserach for the Winter and Spring quarters. No thesis hours will be scheduled until this proposal is accepted and approved. by the committee. l The presentation will be limited to 20 minutes plus questions. The expanded written portion of this proposal will be posted to your CMS and provided to the EDP Graduate Committee before your presentation.  Where appropriate a monetary and capital budget will accompany this document.

Documentation and presentation materials will be uploaded to your personal CMS. Abstract and summary will be posted on your research blog. URLs will be sent out via e-mail to your colleagues 48 hrs. before your presentations as a project preview.

Final Deliverables
Final submission of work will include the following online/materials available from your established CMS URL:

  1. Submission of Final Project Proposals as a downloadable .zip archive.

  2. A personal Artist's/Scholar’s Statement – as an overview of your creative philosophy

  3. Artist's/ Scholar’s CV summarizing past works, involvement or identity.

All required readings/viewings/listenings will be assigned from the course website schedule page. Required readings will be referenced from, online sources or as linked .pdf files on the course website. Please refer to the schedule page for reading assignments and discussion dates.

The following texts are required for the course:

What is Media Archeology?, Jussi Parikka, Polity Books, 2012, ISBN: 0745650260 

How to Write a Thesis, Umberto Eco, MIT Press, 2015, ISBN: 0262527138

History, Big History, & Metahistory
David Krakauer, ed, SFI Press, 2017, ISBN: 1947864025

Additional research materials will be assigned by the EDPX 5700 course instructor &/or your research advisor as supplemental material to support your proposal work. These materials will be reported on in your research blog..